2000 - 2007

Biography for Ronny L Nordell

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2000 - 2007

The Cold War was over and the military shipyard Kockums got new civilian owners ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, which opened it up for discussion on the civil use of previously hush-hush material.

Mr. Nordell and Kockums signed in 2006 an agreement regarding the civilian use of the very special composite material, initially developed for the so-called Stealth Corvettes in the Swedish Navy.

In 2006 and 2007 a number of civilian applications suitable for the technology were developed and a business plan was outlined by Mr. Nordell.

Thoughts of larger floating constructions took off and a concept for a floating hotel with stunning design was created in collaboration with Mexican clients, the Maya Pyramid Hotel and the design has become known worldwide through articles and from TV as well as Scientific papers.