1988 - 1996

Biography for Ronny L Nordell

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1988 - 1996

Although the yacht project stalled, the visions of a yacht that was better planned and improved utilization stayed in the mind of Mr. Nordell.

The project became the embryo of the upcoming SAL "Swedish American Cruises” SAL grew into a project that came to be highly appreciated by Mr. Curtis L Carlson, who was the founder and majority owner of Carlson Companies and the Radisson Hotel

 The SAL project was created as a business idea for smaller cruise ships specially designed for incentive programs and was marketed to be appealing primarily to large companies who felt that cruises would be a good combination of training and bonding of their key people.

At the 15th of December 1992 Radisson Hotels International and SAL signed a US $ 420 million contract for the construction of the first of three Incentive Cruise ship in the MS Radisson Kungsholm series, conceptually developed by Mr. Nordell.

Radisson was represented Mr. Carlson and SAL by Mr. Nordell

Ronny Nordell & Jurgen Bartels
Ronny Nordell & Curtis Carlsson
La Specia Keel Laying