1986 - 1988

Biography for Ronny L Nordell

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1986 - 1988

After the sale of all of his businesses in 1985, Mr. Nordell stayed in the position as President of the Solana group for another year before he could focus on his passion for Yachts and the Sea, the business opportunities that was related to the oceans was always close to his heart.

The development of a Yacht concept, led to the idea of utilising a unique military composite material for civilian use. A material in which the Swedish Navy used to construct their Stealth Ships

Regardless of the passion of a development of a Devi Yacht project it was sadly ended after six short months as a vanishing dream and visions of future Mega Yachts built in at Kockums in Karlskrona, Sweden faded away due to some old military rules

Kockums was a military shipyard during the period of the Cold War and still in 1986 it turned out that Kockums was banned by the Swedish Navy to use the special composite materials for civil use.

HMS. Visby