1979 - 1986

Biography for Ronny L Nordell

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1979 - 1986

Mr. Nordell was the founder of Solana, a company that manufactured solariums with the revolutionary new Solana design, like a waffle iron, which was created by Mr. Nordell at a long night in the factory, the design was a spectacular success among tanning fans.

Solana solarium, under the leadership of Mr. Nordell, was exported to 22 countries and in five years Solana became one of the best recognized brand names in the industry and one of the largest manufacturers of tanning beds in the world.

One of the largest markets for tanning beds is California and Solana's logo was the sign of the Swedish quality. The logo was a stylized version of the Sun God of the Aztec.

The logo still exists as a Solana Logo in California and many other parts of the world.

Solana reached a turnover of over € 55 million in the year Solana was sold to a private equity firm in 1985.

The Astec Sun God
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