1973 - 1979

Biography for Ronny L Nordell

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1973 - 1979

Mr. Nordell took the lead in the development of one of the first navigation systems for autonomous vessels in the world and other sophisticated electronics for the Swedish fleet. The development was made by Devi Development, a company owned by Nordell.

These systems were developed in the seventies, and they are, of course, considered obsolete today, but at that time the technology was regarded as advanced and futuristic and was very well received.

Some of the major ferries between Sweden to Finland were equipped with Devi Navigational Systems.

The car- and passenger ship Apollo 3 were probably the first ferry in the world to be fully navigated and controlled by an electronic system on a journey through a difficult archipelago from one country to another.

The route went through some of the hardest water in the world, the Finnish and Swedish archipelago with 50,000 visible islands and even more underwater cliffs.